Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday to everyone! It finally stopped raining here– we have had a full 5-6 days of no rain and the yard has finally dried up!  We now are getting the heat wave that many states are getting this weekend. I am enjoying the sun!!!

Very busy weekend here…. more about that in minute! I have not had a chance to get any scrapping done so I will post 2 layouts that I did get done last weekend!

This is little Winnie last sept when she was only with us a couple weeks, Ollie was so curious


This is sweet mazee (laying down) and her baby Memphis. We are losing mazee to cancer so every good day is a blessing. She has been doing quite well actually, although her sight is gone now she is getting around well and she is a happy girl.


I had thought to get some scrappy fun today but life got in the way… and I have been very humbled by parts of it. I went with my son this morning to volunteer at the Bread Shed. It is an event on the second saturday of every month to donate food to the community in need.  I have heard about it for years but have never went. My son has been a few times lately and was very moved by it.  So I went today. I must say that I am very humbled by the experience. There were lots of volunteers and all of them were needed. There is a man who collects clothes and pretty much whatever is donated to him to bring in a trailer and we gave that stuff out first. Then there was a huge refrig truck that came and brought pallets of food. Some of it had to be separted into bags so everyone would have some…. I helped with separating out breads (like french breads and rolls and crossiants). Then I helped with passing out cereal.  There was all kinds of non perishab les and there were fresh fruits and veggies too.  There ended up being over 300 people served. I had no idea the level of need in our small community.

It really touched my heart and I was so happy to help, everyone servers and those being served were so kind. I thank God for all his wonderful blessings that he has given me and for providing for all those people.

Song for the week:   From the Inside Out– Hillsong United.  (Im on a Hillsong kick this month! )

I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend! Maybe some scrappy time will be fit in…. plenty of time playing with the pups who are all taking a pre-bedtime nap around my feet as I type! LOL



WOW– I’m taking the plunge!

I haven’t ever attempted anything like this… it is a bit daunting. I have thought about starting a blog for awhile but have been afraid to actually try to do it.

I decided to take the challenge! In the past months my daughter finished her nursing degree, took her test, got a job and moved 3 hours away all in a period of about 3 weeks! Now that is change!

My son is also going through lots of changes and is facing everything head on– starting and running his own custom remodel business and working a part time job in case jobs are not coming in fast enough. But he has been super busy in the remodel side which is running him ragged on the part time job side too.

So if they can go through lots of change…. I can too!  I have no idea how to link up my scrap pages, pics or anything yet…. but I am going to learn!

It is super rainy here and the back yard is flooded


hoping it stops soon!

Here is a preview of a few scrappy layouts I have made this month…..

337816-700[1] IMG_6348 IMG_6376

Song for today is Oceans…. (for more than one reason see photo above!) it is by Hillsong United– look it up on youtube!


ok– this is my first post! TFL… see ya soon!